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Lots and Homes
The heart of Las Estrellas will be Plaza de las Estrellas, the hub of the community. This lively commercial district will be the perfect home for service-oriented businesses that cater to residents' needs. Based on a traditional New Mexico-style plaza, it will be a neighborhood gathering place where residents sit and chat with each other or celebrate festive occasions. With cozy courtyards and intimate plazuelas interspersed throughout, Plaza de las Estrellas will provide comfortable and welcoming resting spots where neighbors can meet, close to home.

Design Workshops
We are offering a series of 4 design workshops that allow the Las Estrellas neighbors to participate in the design of The Plaza de Las Estrellas. Through a series of public discussions we hope to gather ideas about the types of services, amenitites and features to be included in The Plaza.

Design Workshop 1 : Design elements, uses and services
June 9, 2004
Read the summary > (PDF file - 88K)

Design Workshop 2 : Schematic Drawings
July 7th, 2004
view the Commercial Site Plan > (PDF file - 1MB)
view the External Site Conditions > (which influenced the design) (PDF file - 818K)
view the Plaza de Las Estrellas site plan > (PDF file - 765K)

Design Workshop 3 : Site plan refinements, presentation of elevations and architecture of
proposed development, Senior Community site plan refinements and a Q&A.
August 3rd, 4:30 PM
at The Radisson Santa Fe, 750 North Saint Francis Drive

Design Workshop 4 will be held in September. Date to be announced.

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